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Monday village report #12: Into Bangkok, a protest, and a room with roses

One hell of a country, that India.

More psychological mind games than even, even, Seattle.

Still making sense of the awkward moments of realizing the big thing. The icky thing that is my mother’s meddling (long story here, will revisit) stems from a more systemic malaise. India hates its women. Feminism in India is a dead, lost cause. And it’s not because of the raping that made international headlines while I was there. Not that alone. It’s far more ugly, if you can believe it, than that (another suite of stories). Hard to process all of it just yet, but the reporting, that’s been done. One day I’ll look at crafting the story, for now, though, just trust me that any Indian-American female might opt for Thailand instead.

Which might be why one of the best days of my life was the one we departed Delhi. ‘Departing Delhi’ is the title of the first in a series over at this publication, the NW Asian Weekly. Special thanks to new editor Sue Misao for inviting me to share this column there.

20140118-215241.jpgI’ll be drawing more this year, as a part of the cojournaling work just underway with friends of Kismuth. (More about the project is here.)

After the overnight wait at Indira Gandhi International for a 5:50am flight, we got to our new hotel.

Bangkok welcomed us with this room. A warm, cozy start, or restart, and a bloom of roses.

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