A love letter to the curious and engaged

DEAR FRIENDS who adore such things as: open spaces, spontaneity, serendipity, and enchanting chanced-upon sparks of human brilliance–

I get you.

And I welcome you here.

You are someone who wants to know more things about less that has been written of, who is curious about what it means to simply exist, to discover, to share.

KISMUTH is written by Dipika Kohli. Photo by Omni Studiophotos 2012

KISMUTH is written by Dipika Kohli. Photo by Omni Studiophotos 2012

About Kismuth and the culture of query

You want to be part of something more than just what is right around you, and you know somewhere in the depth of your heart that there’s gotta be more to existing than simply the day to day of making a buck, keeping someone else happy, and general schlepping in various orders of magnitude. You don’t want to get to the end supertired, but yet, you see it happening to others who aren’t dumb but still aren’t awake yet, and you know that there’s gotta be a latch to a door that takes you outside to a brighter place that won’t cost a fortune or look like the cover of some Lonely Planet guide. But… where? What? And how to get there?

Welcome, then, to Kismuth. To the journey. To the space for sharing, making, doing and being.

We are the artists. The optimists, the idealists. The people who know that beauty, as John Keats told us, is “all there is on earth, and all ye need to know.” In pursuit of beauty, then, let’s wander. And in search of meaning.

Shall we stay in touch?…

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LOOK FOR THE next and the new, the near and the distant in this moment. There’s a handful of something that is not intangible, but we have to train our eyes and hearts to look. Closer, farther, and at the very nothing. Where there are no lines, or edges that chafe.

In the 10 years writing for newspapers, magazines, and blogs, I’m learning that it’s not about the words, so much, as something deeper. The sharing. Collecting the whole of our best energies and stories and notes. We are a people, a creative species, and the creative spirit isn’t confined to weekend afternoon hours when we can grab them or a garage in which we can tinker. It’s not driven by a fervor for fame or fortune, either. The creative spirit is a tempo that is like a heartbeat, a pulse that’s alive within us all the time, and all we have to do to release who we truly are is tap a well to that warm place and let it unfurl. Let it come forward, into the big wide brilliance of that which could be or begin to become.

Anything is possible.

You already know this.

What are you going to be, see, make and share?

Ask me anything

In 2015, I invite you to join me for the Cojournal Project


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